Folktales are sometimes part of our performances, tales from the world which we like to put into music.

Last performance : "Nagaka, the stone carver", a stone-age tale. Narrated by Jacque Ranoux in Montrem (Dordogne) in september 2005. Musicians : Philippe Vallin (siyotanka flutes) and Boris Lelong (percussion and siyotanka flute)


On occasions, we also organise public readings, with or without music, and always foowed vy a discussion.

Last performance : "Rwanda : invent the Other and kill him" (texts from Yolande Mukagasana and Véronique Tadjo), in Saint Denis in may 2006. Followed by a discussion on the genocide of Rwanda and the processes of ethnic construction.


We participate in discussions with the public, on various topics, after readings or film projections - and of course after our conferences.