The french team of the association gathers musicians from various horizons and an eclectic instrumentarium combining flutes from the five continents, oriental percussion, diatonic accordion, asian lutes, african thumb piano and others electric guitars...

One of our shows :

Melodies for the wild fairies
(includes video)

Cinéconcert :

Baraka (Revisited) and Into the Deep Night
(includes video)

French television coverage

Altamira performing at the Alliance Française of Paris during the Fête de la Musique (Music Day) 2004.

Filmed by France 3, of the national public network France Télévisions.
(It must be mentionned that the film, shot abruptly while the musicians had just arrived on location, hardly renders the warmth and liveliness of Altamira performances !)

Musicians : Bernard Aglietta, Joon Claudio, Philippe Vallin and Boris Lelong - and various students met on that occasion...


They have contributed - regularly or occasionnally - to music performances with Altamira :

Boris Lelong +

Philippe Vallin +

Bernard Aglietta +

Joon Claudio +

Larbi Lakrouz +

Nicole Baudet

Steve Shehan

Bastien Lagatta

Hacène Abchiche

Moudou ould Mattalla

François Biscaye

Samir Ouiddir

Bassy Kouate

Giovanni Di Natale

Rabah Medaoui

Frank Rakotonirina

Ghani Saiki

Hania Hastings-Lakhdari

Mister G

Michel & Volana Rakotomanga

Matthieu Le Rhun