Our public performances can take the shape of cineconcerts in which we play music along cinematographic pictures. This allows us to illustrate in a very eloquent way various aspects of our reflection on the world.

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[Full Performance] 25 min

Cineconcert based on a segment of Ron Fricke's film BARAKA.

Musicians :
Boris Lelong : electronics, derbuka, kalimba
Philippe Vallin : hipanog and siyotanka flutes, didgeridoo, voice, bells
Matthieu Le Rhun : jaw harp, sticks, bells

Live in Montrem, France, September 2006.

Into the Deep Night

[Excerpt] 6 min

Cineconcert based on a segment of Steve Lazur's film Time of the Earth.

Musicians :
Boris Lelong : electronics, kalimba
Philippe Vallin : siyotanka and shakuhachi flutes
Samir Ouiddir : tabla, bendir
Miguy Saminadin : tingsha

Reading (in french) of Native American poetry :
Marcelle Courtellemont & Henriette Reset Besnard (translation below)

Live in Montrem, France, June 2007.


My heart is sinking into the deep night
Darkness is rushing over me
My heart is sinking into the deep night

We are the singing stars
We sing with our light
We are the firebirds
We fly all over the sky
And our light is a voice

How will I start my song
In the falling blue night 
I will sit down and start singing

My friend, it is an immense world
We are travelling through
On the rays of the moon