This project takes us among the tibetan refugees of Ladakh, in the Indian Himalaya. The main outcome of this work is the album Tibet : songs from exile, a sound portrait of this community exiled between two worlds.

Through sounds, pictures and text, this work takes us to the high pastures of Chang Thang with their nomadic camps and to the refugee villages of the Leh valley. The album highlights rural music, virtually unknown outside Tibet : a wealth of a cappella songs with slow and highly melodic phrasing, shepherd flutes, peasant lutes, etc...

The project received the support of A.E.T. (Aide à l'Enfance Tibétaine : Aid to Tibetan Childhood), french NGO supporting tibetan refugees, and the precious collaboration of one of these refugees, Gyalpo Tashi.

During these years, we recorded two albums with a remarkable musician from the Tibetan community in Ladakh : Sherap Dorjee. In Songs from the Six High Valleys, together with three female singers and several instruments, he unveils the little known music of Western Tibet where he came from. This CD was released in January 2004 by BUDA Musique. In march 2002 was realeased The art of Tibetan lute (Arion), a CD in which exiled musician Sherap Dorjee introduces the various styles of lute music from the land where he was born.

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