They said...

Acquiring this record is touching a little of the world’s magic
Fabien Maisonneuve - Mondomix

The production by association Altamira is impeccable from start to finish
Stéphane Fougère - Ethnotempos

Far from being a sanitized music document, the album is first of all a human testimony, based on village life in its environment as much as on a simple musical production
Benoit Deuxant - Médiathèque de Belgique

Designed as a one-day musical itinerary, the album reahces our mind and heart, and places the listener in the heart of the forest, lulled by the song of the stream, birds and insect s, in the Tboli’s musical intimacy.
Fabien Maisonneuve - Mondomix

One feels carried away into the intimacy of an evening in the land of dunes, with the songs of crickets as a background, savouring this languid plenitude born of the scarce and the fragile.
Francis Dordor - Les Inrockuptibles

One ends up surrender to the hypnosis until the ultimate guitar chords.
Eliane Azoulay - Télérama

A rare record.
Etienne Bours - Trad Mag

Here is another essential production to be credited to Altamira, whose effort of cultural valorization must be praised… as well as their immense artistic senibility
Stéphane Fougère - Ethnotempos

Sublime, exquisite, elegant.
Steve Shehan - Musicien, compositeur

This album is a masterpiece, one of the most beautiful records of traditional music that I know of. One thousand bravos.
Patrick Kersalé – Ethnomusicologue



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